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Commercial Agency is a major supplier of products and materials to the residential and commercial construction, roads and engineering markets. As one of Pakistan's largest and most experienced construction materials suppliers, Commercial Agency has the resources and the expertise to perform for customers not just nation wide but also globally.
How do we make what you need happen?
At Commercial Agency, we've invested in world-class technology systems to ensure we deliver the right products at the right time so our customer’s projects are always a success. We have the people, we have the products and we have the technology to ensure you receive the highest quality service. No matter what the project, we'll make it happen.


Our Product

We have a wide range of PVC pipes for irrigation, pressure, industrial and other purposes as well from the size 1/2” to 36” to fulfill our valued customers demands. We also deal in: GMP C.I. manhole cover and I.I.L.G-I. pipes

White UPVC Pipes

Our white coloured UPVC pipes are manufactured according to ASTMD-2241 SDR Series & ASTMD-1785 Schedule 40 for water & drain pupose.

CPVC Pipes

CPVC pipes are designed & known for their splendid performance in HOT & Cold water & are manu- factured according to ASTMF441 (PI-0032108) Schedules 80.

U/V PVC Fittings

We have a wide range of immported & local UPVC & CPVC fittings to meet our customers requirements & budget without any compromise in quality.

Pressure Pipes

Grey pressure UPVC pipes are designed for industrial & pressure water purpose & are manufactured according to PS 3051 (BS 3505)

Manholes Features

Manholes has a significance attached to it since the time humans started getting organized in their way of life & it kept on improving over the period.

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Commercial Agency offers the best cPVC, uPVC, drainage piping systems for various sewerage and drainage needs.
Right from household Piping Systems, to Double Walled Corrugated piping for large scale drainage, We at Commercial Agency offers world class solutions for drainage and sewerage that can cater to needs of households, commercial buildings, hotels and big infrastructure projects.

Our Team

Management of Commercial Agency is vitally interested in the health & safety of its employees. A major ongoing objective is to protect employees from workplace injury or illness.

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Our Client